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23 December 2009

What to wear for winter.

As the days get -longer-, the days are getting colder, or the are atleast here in Ireland.
So what to wear, yet still look adorably vintage?
This red woolen overcoat is a great start.
You can wear a dress, the staple of a vintage wardrobe, underneath it, 
with warm woolen tights.
A large bag is always handy for your shopping, and the beads add a finishing touch.

I have to say, I love this picture!
But the clothes are even cuter.
Not strictely vintage, of course, but still, add your own twist in any way.
A dark coat with huge fur collar, and fur cuffs, over a short green dress
White tights, and black wedges.

22 December 2009

A big pile of vintage.

1] grey dress, russian wool hat

2] yellow dress, floral tights, strappy shoes

3] blue school dress, white checked shirt
4] floral dress, strappy shoes

5] white dress, grey thermal pants, white pumps, [boy] 
6] brown brouges, black tights, floral dress
7] room with clothes and suitcase
8] red polkadot pumps, white tights, white lace dress
9] blue dress, black tights/leggings


This top and skirt combo. is gorgeous! The flowers add such a cute touch!

Your cupcakes!
I love Mario!

It's so retro.

21 December 2009

Vintage Cameras + BONUS CUPCAKES [♥]

So cute!
I have this thing for old-fashioned cameras!
Anyways, your promised image of cupcakes!


I'm Rosa, and this is Vintage Rose, the blog about my love of vintage.
Every day, I'm going to post a
adorable vintage item of clothing, and since I love them, a picture of cupcakes along with it.
I hope you enjoy it, and that I can make you smile.
Also, I'm very sorry if I have your image up without credit, I have been collecting these for weeks, just as inspiration, then got inspiration from them to start a blog!
If you want it down, just ask!